Maui chocolate tour table talk
Maui chocolate tour table talk

Aloha and welcome to the Maui Chocolate Tour and Workshop, as seen on the Travel Channel (Island Explorers Mastering Maui episode). Cacao is a tropical fruit tree that grows 20 degrees north or south of the Equator. The beans of cacao are what are made into chocolate. Hawaii is the only state in the US capable of growing cacao due to its climate and latitude, but we are considered the “North Pole” of chocolate’s natural range.

NEW LOCATION: Maui Chocolate Tour has moved to a new, exciting location. Maui Chocolate Tour is now located at Kupa’a Farms on the lower slopes of Haleakala Crater at 1900 ft elevation in Kula, Hi. The tours owner and creator, Melanie Boudar previously owned Sweet Paradise Chocolatier in Wailea, Maui. Melanie now produces fine craft chocolate from her 3000 ft space in Santa Fe, New Mexico, called Art of Chocolate.

Kupa’a Farms is a 4 acre organic vegetable, coffee and cacao farm that supplies vegetables to discerning island chefs and produces award winning Maui Coffee. Our cacao education program at Kupa’a called “Food of the Gods” is a comprehensive 2 hour immersion of chocolate and cacao starting with the tree. We will take you to see one of several small cacao groves which has mature trees that may be in flower or have pods growing during your visit. Cacao typically produces 2 crops a year which take 5-6 months for the fruit to mature.

You will learn how the cacao grows, and the post harvest practices to develop chocolate flavor and transform the seeds into chocolate. Join in the “hands on” process of cracking, winnowing and grinding roasted cacao beans into a delicious Mayan style chocolate drink. We also do a guided tasting, much like a wine tasting of 7 unique dark craft chocolates including Hawaiian grown chocolate and fine chocolates from other world origins, so you can explore the world of flavor and diversity in chocolate. Our tour is fun and educational and suitable for ages seven and up. We guarantee you will be amazed at learning what’s beyond the chocolate wrapper.

BEFORE BOOKING PLEASE READ: Please note that the farm is at 1900 ft elevation, and requires some moderate walking up and downhill. At this time we are not able to accommodate people with physical disabilities that might be limited in mobility either by the higher elevation or walking on steeper grade. Kupa’a farms is not accessible by public transportation but has parking for your rental car. Directions and additional visiting information are sent with your reservation confirmation. The tours currently run ONLY on Thursdays and Sundays at 10 am to noon and from 1-3pm. The farm is only open with prior reservation on these 2 days. During busier seasons we also offer a second tour from 1-3pm. Adults $59 per person and children 7- 12 are $25 pp. You are welcome to bring a small child or baby and there is no charge for them, but please understand they must be highly supervised and not allowed to run around. This is a working farm, not a developed tourist stop so facilities are limited, and we are subject to weather changes and mosquitos. Please click on our Booking link for scheduled tours and times.

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Tour prices are $59 per adult.
Children 7 to 12 years old are $25.
Children 6 and under are free (but formal tasting is not included).

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